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    last paid price among invoices suppliers locations materials

    Xiaoyu Yang

      Hello Every one,


      I have this table:

      LocationSupplierMaterialInvoice DateInvoice VolumeInvoice Quantity

      and one calculated key as %LocSuppMat with the combination of first 2 columns.


      At the end I want to get a table with

      location, supplier, material, Last paid Price.


      I have tried the firstsoutedvalue function to calculate "Last Paid Price", but with no success.

      =firstsortedvalue(distinct 100*("Invoice Volumn"/"Invoice Quantity"),-date#([INVL.Invoice date],'DD.MM.YYYY'),[%LocSuppMat])


      But it shows me "-" in "Last Paid Price"

      Anyone has an idea why?