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    Qlik Sense and formatting

    Srinivas Chaturvedula



      Load Script:

      SET vLocale = 'EN';

      SET MoneyFormat = '$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00)'; // defaults to EN

      IF '$(vLocale)' = 'ES' THEN

          SET MoneyFormat = '€ #.##0,00;-€ #.##0,00';

      END IF


      Then I created a page, and created a few money fields.

      Loaded data, and all worked fine!


      So far, so good...


      And then I changed the vLocale to ES.

      Loaded the app and reloaded the data...

      Money format updated to ES format.


      But... the fields i had created on the sheet with money, still show old formatting. Seems like Qlik Sense hard codes the money (for this matter, date too) as a hard coded string, rather than taking it from the variable.


      This is counter productive, cos I would need to go to every created field, and manually change them to auto/money again to update the formatting string.


      Is there any other way of doing this where I can update the displayed format on the fly.


      I do not want to go and type an expression in the data field, that option is ruled out. There are heavy calculations going on there already, and would prefer a non intrusive approach.