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    Nprinting Import Task

    Yash Sinha



      I have created an Import Task in Nprinting. When I run the task I get this message:


      Importing FILTER with name 'Year' : skipped because importCreated and importUpdated flags are false Importing GROUP with name 'PDA Cap/Exp' : marked for update Importing USER with name 'Yash Sinha' : skipped because importCreated flag is false Import completed succesfully.

      I'm not able to find out where ImportCreated and importUpdated flags are?

      Also, how does nprinting know which report it has to run. We only mention the connection and app name in Recepients.xlsx.

      There can be multiple reports created from the same app and connection.

      I have also added the recepients excel sheet here. Is there anything which I'm doing wrong?