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    QlikView GeoAnalytics Unexpected Exception Occurred Error

    Mikhail Bespartochnyy

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to recreate drill-down area map that Michael Tarallo created in his training video post, but I'm working in QlikView. I'm running into issues with Drill-down group. I've created the State Drill drill down group:




      After that, I replaced the dimensions for both area layers with StateDrill drill-down group and set the Restrict Drill Down to 0 and 1:


      Area Layer 1.png


      When I click on Florida state on the map, I receive the following error:




      Side note, I've followed the steps in QlikSense without issues. The error also doesn't come up in QlikView if the drill-down group simply has two dimensions, like this:




      But then, the field is not fully qualified and the map looks off:



      Has anyone else faced this? Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?


      P.S. Attached is the app that I'm working on. First tab (Drill Down Area (Original)), has the two area layers that generate the error. Second tab (Drill Down Area (Unqualified)) is the one where simply a STATE and COUNTY fields are used in a drill-down group.


      I came up with a workaround solution (simply do a conditional show statement to show state layer when no states are selected and qualified STATE and COUNTY field when a single state is selected) in third tab (Drill Down Area (Workaround)), but I'm still curious as to what is causing the error and if/how it can be fixed. Any input is appreciated.


      Mikhail B.