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    One variable dependent on other variable

    Raghavendra Suryakumar

      Hi All,


      I have a set of data consisting of brands and their products.  We are doing a sales projections under  what-if scenarios in which the user will be able to alter the sales % of few brands/products and the what-if values do change only for those brands/products. For Example



      Brand                                     Product

      Samsung                              21' TV

      Samsung                              29" TV

      Samsung                              42" TV

      Samsung                              Automatic Washing Machine

      LG                                        21' LCD TV

      LG                                        29" LED TV

      LG                                       42" LED TV

      LG                                       Automatic Top Open Washing Machine




      The requirement is we have defined a variable for Brand and another variable for Product.  We have provided input boxes with dropdown of  Brand and Products as well.  If the user selects Samsung in the First input box (variable as Brand) the Product variable should display only products related Brand selected in first input box.


      Can anybody suggest how to build the dependency between two variables.