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    Help with formula

    Francis vd Grijn

      I have a formula which gives a year total from offertes.

      sum({<Boekjaar = {$(=max(Boekjaar) )}>}Offerte\Offertebedrag) +


      Now i want expand this formula with




      Can someone help me ?


      Sum ({<Boekjaar = {$(=max(Boekjaar)-1)}>}Offerte\Offertebedrag) +


      Sum ({<Boekjaar = {$(=max(Boekjaar)-2)}>}Offerte\Offertebedrag) +

        • Help with formula
          Kaushik Solanki





          Sum ({<Boekjaar = {$(=max(Boekjaar)-1)}, Status = {"Open"}>}Offerte\Offertebedrag) +


          Sum ({<Boekjaar = {$(=max(Boekjaar)-2)}, Status = {"Open"}>}Offerte\Offertebedrag) +




          Hope this will help you, If not please describe u r problem in detail.



          Kaushik Solanki