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    PowerTools qv-user-manager not clearing CALS in QV12

    Richard de Gruchy

      Hi All


      I have a client running QV12 (12.10.20200.0) that wants to clear document CALS that have not been used in 30 days or more.  I have had this working well before using the QlikView PowerTools with the tool called 'qv-user-manager'.


      However, this time the program is reporting that it has cleared the doc CALS but they still remain.  I can run it again and again and it tells me they are removed but it's lying!



      <path>\qv-user-manager.exe" --remove cal > <log file>


      Example output:

      Removed 6 Document CALs from 'My App.qvw' on QVS@MyServer


      I have two questions:

      • Has anyone got this working with QV12?
      • Is there a new version of the PowerTools on the way?


      Any information gratefully received.