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    Master vs AutoCalendar & two date dimensions

    Jacob-Jan van der Spek

      Hi all,


      First question posted here. I've been browsing the various sources for a solution and have found various possible solutions, but i'm not sure what would be the best solution/combination for my case.


      The case in itself is simple, i've got a table (Order), with two datefields: OrderCreateDate and OrderFinishDate.

      I want to create on chart with both combined, so for each (ie) month, a calculation of all created and all finished orders. Or even calculated (Current Portfolio size is all orders which have a createdate but not yet a finishdate at a set moment in time).


      I've found the master calendar options as well as the canonical date and the blog regarding Master Table with multiple roles.

      All combined making for some light reading...   Unfortunately, for me, not light enough...

      So with the goal mentioned above,

      - what approach should I take, taken into account that i'm using Qlik Sense.

      - do I have to do something with AutoCalendar, does it conflict with a master calendar?


      Many thanks for your reply.