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    Qlikview 11 .NET API - List documents accessible to a given user

    Craig Wild

      Hi all


      I'm fairly new to Qlikview, but I have been given a problem to solve.  We use multiple BI platforms in our organisation, including Qlikview, and we have a .NET web application which provides a single point where our internal clients can go to access all their BI reporting.  I have been asked to integrate Qlikview into this app, and I need to retrieve a list of which Qlikview reports a given user is able to access, from the Qlikview server (preferably online rather than a database lookup).  I can do this for Cognos & Actuate, but i'm struggling to find the correct API calls to do this for Qlikview.  Essentially, i need to do what AccessPoint does, but in .NET so I can return a list of links from my function.  Can anyone provide any suggestions, or code samples?


      So far, I have the ability to retrieve a list of all documents (user and source) from QV, but the list must be relevant for the user accessing my Web-App and therefore needs to take into account all security options i.e.  Section Access, Active Directory etc. 


      Hope this makes sense - apologies in advance if it's a little vague.