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    Problems with restoring the Nprinting backup

    César Miranda



      I have a problem with restoring a repository backup. The command console throws an undefined error

      and closes the query immediately after the command line is done, this happens with the QlikviewNprinting version of June.

      What could be the problem?

      Attached image with the problem.


      Best regards

        • Re: Problems with restoring the Nprinting backup
          Lech Miszkiewicz


          it is not undefined error.


          It clearly says: No connection could be made because the tqrget machine actively refused it.


          • Are you using nprinting account  (service account with admin rights) to do a backup?
          • does repository sercvice run
          • do you try to resotre backup on NPrinitng version it made on (version needs to be the same)?


          To me it looks like you have no access with the account you are using.