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    Pivot Table - different results expanded vs collapsed when excluding nulls

    Line Poupart

      I noticed a different behaviour in pivot tables when row are collapsed vs expanded. I found a work-around but I think it is a bug!

      I made a quik example in QS Desktop to illustrate the case.

      • The pivot table has 3 lines and one very basic measure (count distinct(Email_Event_Id))
      • In the data I can have null values in ay of the 3 lines / dimensions.
      • In this particular pivot table I want to consider only non null data so I uncheked the "show null"

      What happens:

      • If I show the table expanded (right in the print screen), everything is ok. I see only the lines that I want, and the QTY measure is good
      • If I show the table collapsed, the QTY measure includes records with null values in the hidden dimensions. It changes when expanding the line, and again when collapsing...


      For me expanding a a line is not like doing a selection... Results should be the same at the top level expanded or collapsed. Is it a bug?


      pivot table example.jpg