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    cannot open qmc or hub after sense server install - help


      just downloaded latest version of sense server

      made sure i removed and uninstalled all previous installations and all directories

      made sure no certificates ware left after removing

      made sure no folders or files remaind

      made sure all services ware removed

      restarted my pc (win 10 with 16GB ram)

      installed the sense server

      install went smooth

      supplied it with all the user accounts necessary (local admin), shared folders, and databases it required

      install said finished successfully

      restarted my pc

      checked all services ware up and running

      checked all certificates ware created


      but still couldn't not connect to either hub nor qmc


      This site can’t be reached

      localhost refused to connect.



      seen all the post about proxies and certictaes and it didnt help


      please someone can you help????