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    npadmin cannot access qv

    Yaniv Egozi

      Hi, I'm trying to install nprinting server but I'm having some problems.

      I've installed a new windows server and installed qlikview desktop on it. I can access the qlikview server with the domain admin and open any qv document when using open in server. I've created a local user for the nprinting server and assigned it a local administration group and log on as a service rights. When I am trying to connect to QV with this user I am getting an error " Connected to server OK, No reply received Switching to HTTPS tunneling. ... Security settings denies access.... Negotiations timed out." I have turned off the windows firewall on both servers (QV & Nprinting) but still I can only access the QV with the domain admin user.


      Does any one know how to solve it ?


      Thanks in advance

        • Re: npadmin cannot access qv
          Lech Miszkiewicz


          Do not get this personal but.... did you read minimum requirements for NPrinitng? I guess you did not and you belong to group of 95% people who did not neither before they have installed NPrinting

          In documentation it clearly says it needs to be domain user!


          First of all read minimum requirements for NPrinting users and installation:


          also this:




          this is just snippet from it:


          Windows Qlik NPrinting engine service administrator

          We recommend that you create and use a dedicated Windows user account to install Qlik NPrinting engine and run the associated services. You are prompted to enter these credentials on the Service logon credentials screen during the Qlik NPrinting engine installation. The Qlik NPrinting engine service administrator runs the Qlik NPrinting engine service.

          The Windows user account must:

          Be a member of the local Windows Administrators group.

          Be a domain user.

          Have Log on as a service rights.

          Only be used to run Qlik NPrinting 17 and newer services. This ensures that there are no conflicts with other Windows services on the same computer.



          regarding local user:

          The only "workaround - and i am not sure it will work - is, if you create the same local user on QLikVIew server and allow it to access it + allocate a license to this user.

          I am not sure how your network is configured so i am not sure if you will be able to achieve this.

          I consider this scenario unsupported and imposible to work stable.





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