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    Is it possible to retrieve AppId then pass this as the parameter in Widget?

    lisa sun

      Hi Team,

      Is that possible to retrieve AppId then pass this as the parameter in Widget?

      For instance, the code is very simple:


      <iframe src='https://feiqs.visual.visualintelligence.co.nz/single/?appid={{settings.AppID}}&obj={{settings.ObjectID}}&opt=nointeraction&select=clearall' style='border:none;'></iframe>


      If you edit the code by replacing the app id and object id from some app in your environment (for example: <iframe src='https://feiqs.visual.visualintelligence.co.nz/single/?appid=287647b9-e2da-48e5-9f17-9037fa2d6e4b&obj=QtUWPK&opt=nointeraction&select=clearall' style='border:none;'></iframe>), this code works. However what I want is that users can define the app id and object id in the settings, which will then be passed to the code by the variables {{settings.AppID}} and {{settings.ObjectID}}.


      These two variables don't work, they cannot pass the app id and object id defined by the users to the code.


      I Have done a lots of research but could not find anywhere mentioned we can get AppID and ObjectID through setting in widget and pass it as parameter.


      In the link http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/September2017/Subsystems/Extensions/Content/Widget/widgets-data-binding.htm, we only have three properties are available to be bound to your HTML or your CSS templates.


      Title {{settings.title}}

      Subtitle {{settings.subtitle}}

      Footnote {{settings.footnote}}


      So it seems others won't be supported.


      This link also mentioned Data binding is realized using AngularJS. But AngularJS is the third party. There is no any information or example how to pass settings properties to HTML. Did the test but it does not work.





      Is anyone having the idea?


      Thank you