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    Stepping through possible field selections in Qlik Sense

    Daniel Wardzynski

      Dear Experts,


      I would like to step using "<" ">" arrow buttons or similar through all the possible selections of a Field, once I have selected a few other fields in my Qlik Sense Applications.

      Is this possible?


      I have tried the "Single dimension navigation/animation panel" extension from the Qlik Branch, can be found here:



      Unfortunately, it only worked with 1 field, and removed all the other field selections when I was trying to use it, so I tweaked the .js script, but never got the result I hoped for.


      I was also thinking utilizing the dual() function inside the QS script, but never had the change to wrap my head around it, in order to finilize the last solution. Maybe using dual() and then appending a variable to step up or down through the field.

      Let me know if you have any better/easier ideas.


      Thank you in advance!