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    Use of Sum-Expression in simple Table

    Tom Müller

      Hi all together,


      I got a little issue in trying to sum up values. My original excel sheet gives me different projects and payments, it may be that there are several payments to a project, so it appears repeatedly in my excel sheet.


      What I would like to do is creat a simple Table in QLIK, where I can show the Payments summed up and the costs, that come from another table. My problem right now is, that when I use the expression Sum(Payment), a invalid dimension is criticized.


      My table looks like this when I just use the Payments as field (it's called "Erlös").



      As it can be seen, QLIK lists up all the Payments from the original source. I would like to show just one column, so that it's like





      May it work with this form of graph or will I have to choose another one?


      Thanks for the replies.



      Tom Müller