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    Adding SSL certificate to QMC qlik sense

    narasimha k

      hi all,


             I followed all the way to install and adding ssl certificate to qmc. but no luck and setup the following setting also but don't know

      how to get my hub to https.


      Process I followed:


      • Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) on the Central node, and select . File > Add/Remove Snap-in In right pane, which lists , select . Then click . Available snap-ins Certificates Add In the dialog box that appears, select . Then click Certificates snap-in Computer account Finish. In the dialog box leave selected, and click Select Computer ,  Local computer  Finish. This returns you to the dialog box. Click Add or Remove Snap-ins  Ok.
      • In the box expand the list of Console Root dialog ,  Certificates (Local Computer). Right-click , and then select . This displays the . Personal All Tasks/Import Certificate Import Wizard The Local Machine has already been selected as the import location, so this option is greyed out on the first screen. Click . Next Browse to the location of the certificate containing the private key (the pfx file) and click .
      • Next Enter the password that you specified above when adding the private key to the certificate. Select the following : Import options Mark this key as exportable. Include all extended properties. When prompted to select a location for the certificate, perform the following actions: Select Place all certificates in the folloiwng store.
      • For , enter Certificate store Personal. Click to import the certificate. Finish


      VII. Add the certificate thumbprint to the Qlik Sense Proxy server After importing the certificate, you must enter the thumbprint in the settings for the Qlik Sense Proxy server. Complete the following steps:

      • Access the certificate you imported in the previous section. You can access it in the MMC by selecting Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates. Double click on the imported certificate,
      • and select the  tab. Details Scroll down and select . Then copy the Thumbprint values that appear in the bottom pane. Thumbprint Open the QMC, and select .
      • Then select the Proxy server that will use the third-party certificate. Configure System > Proxies Click , and under  on the right, select . Edit Properties Security Enter the thumpprint you copied above in the  field


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