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    Limited Data availability with Section Access

    Matthias Walter

      Hi everybody,


      I started to work with QlikSense Enterprise and with Managing Useraccess with Section Access and Section Application.

      I got to limit Data on one Variable as desired, but it also Limits Data from other Tables now, which is not wanted.

      To make it a little better understandable:


      I have 2 Tables, one with the relevant columns "Laufzeit" (Integers, but not continous) and "Bundesland", the second Table has the two relevant Columns "Laufzeit" (as a Link to Table1) and "Laufzeitgesamt", which is a continous count from 1 to max(Laufzeit).


      With full Access it works fine, but when i want to limit it, the limitation on "Bundesland" in Table1 transfers to "Laufzeitgesamt" in Table2.


      My Useraccess looks like this:

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          ADMIN,Admin1, GRUPPE1

          USER,User2, GRUPPE2


      Section Application;


      LOAD * INLINE [

          REDUCTION, Bundesland

          GRUPPE1, *

          GRUPPE2, Bayern

          GRUPPE3, Berlin

          GRUPPE3, Baden-Württemberg



      Is there an easy way to limit the Useraccess to just one Table?