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    How to change time zone in QlikSense app to match values with Datasource?

    Mohammed Ahad



      I am currently making an app that draws its data from Saleforce. I noticed that the tables I am producing do not match in values with what is showing in my Salesforce data. This is because the values of my datasource is including some values from the previous day. I suspect that this is because the time zone for my tables in QlikSense is NOT the same timezone for what is showing in Salesforce. Here are some screenshots to show what I am talking about:







      As you can see, the last four patients from 12/3/2017 were added to my data from 12/4/2017 in my QlikSense table, instead of being in the 12/3/2017 date in the QlikSense table to match my datasource.


      I tried to fix this mismatch by adding 'yyyy-MM-dd', 'Etc/GMT+4' to the "Created Date" field, but that didnt work. Is there anything I can do to fix this? THANK YOU in advance for your assistance!!