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    Summing duration / slider not working

    Martha Parsons



      I originally had this formula in script editor

      // Time(num(time#(DDURATION, 'hh:mm')) + num(time#(RDURATION, 'hh:mm')) , 'hh:mm') as JourneyTime,


      But then I realized if the duration went over 24 hours it would not calculate correctly. So if one duration was 15:30 and the other was 12:45 minutes it would look at is as 3:15 hours instead of 28:15


      There are two sliders each with a variable (they wanted sliders). One variable as vStartJourneyTime and the other slider with vEndJourneyTime. Both are showing Number as Interval hh:mm. This worked until we noticed it was calculating total duration in hours. In the script I changed it to this:


      interval(Time((DDURATION+RDURATION),'hh:mm'),'mm')  AS JourneyTime,


      But now the sliders are not working when working with the chart. This was the original expression in the chart:



      It will work without the set analysis statement



      What am I missing?


      Thank you,