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    Extending Session Time-Out in Qlik Sense

    Ahmed Syed

      Is there any recommendations to set the session timeout for Qlik Sense Enterprise environment.

      Please let us know if there is any limitation for setting up 24 hours OR No session Timeout setting for an environment.

      Especially, how much RAM is consumed by the report if it is inactive for a longer time.

        • Re: Extending Session Time-Out in Qlik Sense
          Simon Minifie

          Hi Ahmed,


          As far as I am aware, there is no limit for the length of time that you can set the session timeout for, although the field does require a value.

          RAM usage will increase as the user clicks around creating cache, but there should be no increase due to the time factor.

          From experience though the user will likely get logged out by timeout settings on routers, firewalls etc a long time before the Sense timeout kicks in.