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    Governance dashboard issue

    Amit Deepchand

      When reloading the dashboard it is not capturing the information and it's telling me "Execution of script failed . Reload old data?"


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      Reloading Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 from GFQLIKVIEW running version 11.20.12577.0409

      sessionConcurrencyInterval << INL6E40 3 lines fetched

      Gathering and setting configuration settings for reload

      cutoffDateFields << INL6F2B 20 lines fetched

      Blank Profile Path detected. Will store output data in same folder as the Governance Dashboard.qvw.

      inputPaths << AUTOGENERATE(1) 1 lines fetched

      File path 0 set to D:\QLIKVIEW.FOLDERS\QV_Applications\Shared

      logTRACE << AUTOGENERATE(1) 1 lines fetched


      Anyone else had the same issue before and what is the fix?


      Please help.