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    Governance dashboard issue

    Amit Deepchand

      When reloading the dashboard it is not capturing the information and it's telling me "Execution of script failed . Reload old data?"


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      Reloading Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 from GFQLIKVIEW running version 11.20.12577.0409

      sessionConcurrencyInterval << INL6E40 3 lines fetched

      Gathering and setting configuration settings for reload

      cutoffDateFields << INL6F2B 20 lines fetched

      Blank Profile Path detected. Will store output data in same folder as the Governance Dashboard.qvw.

      inputPaths << AUTOGENERATE(1) 1 lines fetched

      File path 0 set to D:\QLIKVIEW.FOLDERS\QV_Applications\Shared

      logTRACE << AUTOGENERATE(1) 1 lines fetched


      Anyone else had the same issue before and what is the fix?


      Please help.




        • Re: Governance dashboard issue
          Tyler Waterfall

          verify all the folder paths put in the configuration page of the Governance Dashboard.

          That is, copy each path, paste it into the file explorer path and make sure you can reach it and that the correct data exists there.


          Sometimes you just need to close QlikView. Then open the app again and try one more time.