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    NPrinting 'Interface not supported' error edit template

    Darrell Tobin

      Some of my NPrinting reports no longer open.


      I select the 'Edit template' button and the designer starts to load then a window pops up with message:

      'Interface not supported'.


      The designer app opens but you cannot see the objects in the left object section (it is totally blank).


      We have tried this on mutiple machines and the nprinting server and all are showing the same error on the report in question.

      If I open other report though these work correctly. 

        • Re: NPrinting 'Interface not supported' error edit template
          Ruggero Piccoli

          Hi Darrell,


          My suggestion is to try to reinstall Qlik NPrinting Designer. If this doesn't work, please open a support ticket because the issue is strange and needs a deeper investigation possible only via remote session.


          Best Regards,



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