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    Cashflow forecast on Qlik

    Brunello Menicucci

      Hello Qlikers!

      I'm trying to create a small Qlik app to answer to a very often asked question, at least between entrepreneurs wanting to know how much money do they will have on a certain (future) date.

      So I tried to collect the following information:

      - Future Income/outcome due to confirmed orders (either from clients or suppliers)

      - Future income/outcome due to delivered (not yet invoiced) goods (as above, from clients and customers)

      - Future income/outcome due to invoiced goods (as above)

      - Future outcome due to monthly operating costs

      - Actual Cash and Banks availability


      With this data collected in a "forecast" table, I'd like to create a pivot table showing for the next 12 months (and for each "forecast source data type") as in the attached xls example:

      - opening balance

      - cumulated forecast amount at the month

      - closing balance


      Any hint or help will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance