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    Show field in chart

    Enrique Jose Torrado Gutierrez

      Show accumulated variable


      Good to all, since I have some companies, which have some farms, and have plots where each plot has been made several crops, I would need to show on a sheet, a table showing each farm, their plots and each plot how many days of crops there are in a previously selected date range. The problem is that it does not show me the days of cultivation if I do not include in the table each individual cultivation line of each plot.

      The problem, with the table without including each individual crop, and thus does not show the days of cultivation:


      If I add to the table each individual crop if the days come out, but then we would see in the table each of the records of the plot and not only the 3 selected as in the capture above and the total number of days of cultivation in their respective column.


      Days of cultivation is a variable, which is formed by the subtraction of the maximum date of the selected period minus the minimum date of the period, and so the days would come. Everything else is fields in the database.