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    reverse function qliksense

    ilan baruch



      i'm trying to use reverse function in qliksense script but load fails (not supported function).

      in the app as a calculated dimension it gives an error expression...

      reverse(Field2) as Reverse_Field2 (is that the correct syntax)

      any ideas?


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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi ilan,


          There is no reverse function in qlik string functions.

          See the link for the available string functions:

          String functions ‒ Qlik Sense


          Maybe you used this link as reference:

          Reverse a value


          But sense doesn't use macro as Qlikview.


          As an alternative, you'd have to do in in code, something like the below script:



          Load * Inline



          I like Qlikview!



          let vString = peek('Desc',0,'x');

          let vLen = Len('$(vString)');

          let vStringNew = '';


          for i = 1 to Len('$(vString)')

          vStringPart$(i) = Mid('$(vString)',$(i),1);



          let i = Len('$(vString)');



          let vStringNew = '$(vStringNew)' & '$(vStringPart$(i))';

          trace $(vStringNew) $(i);

          i = i -1;

          loop while i > 0;




          '$(vString)' as Original,

          '$(vStringNew)' as Reversed



          drop table x;


          You could use the code i've done and use it as a sub called reverse to do this trick for you.

          To achieve the following reversed string and get it to a table: