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    Problem with excel template pages and creating pivot tables from Sense straight tables

    Niko Stenholm



      I have somewhat succesfully implemented my Qlik Sense pivot tables into Nprinting reports developed on an excel template by following the method that has been described for example here: How to Create an Excel PivotTable Report.


      However, I run into trouble when I try to loop the report through all the values of a dimension (costcenter) with the "Page" feature: all of the pivot tables look exactly the same, i.e. they don't loop through the dimension I have set as the page. To be more precise, all of the pivots on all of the pages use the very first value of the costcenter dimension. All the other objects, formulas etc. on the page work just fine. Even the straight tables that provide the data for the pivots are looping properly from page to page.


      From looking at the xlsx preview, the problem seems to be that the pivot tables from each page are referring to the same table from the first page as the data source. Hence the figures for the first costcenter come up on all of the pivot tables.


      I've tried to think of a workaround to make the source dynamic but haven't come up with anything yet.


      Any ideas would be much appreciated.