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    How to subtract hours to a Date field?

    Mohammed Ahad



      I have a "Created Date" field in a table I created on QlikSense. How can I shift this Created Date back by 5 hours? There is a difference of 5 hours between what my table is showing and what my datasource has. Please see this screenshot for further elaboration:




      For the first Opportunity Name (Jillian Trattner), the time stamp on the "CreatedDate" (no space in between) says 12:36 AM on 12/5/2017. But my datasource says 7:36 PM on 12/4/2017, which is exactly 5 hours difference.


      How can I set the "Created Date" field (space in between), so that these metrics align correctly with my datasource?


      I tried [Created Date] + Hour(5) , but that didn't work. Thank you advance for your assistance!