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    return the value that matched the category.

    Isabel Encinas

      @Hi Experts,


      I need help on returning "Session ANI/CLI" and "DNIS" columns with the below criteria:


      1. Return "Session ANI/CLI" for 1st Participant "customer" Purpose INBOUND Direction. (if the direction is OUTBOUND, the Session ANI/CLI should be "-").

      2. correct the format of the "Session ANI/CLI" from tel:+61294078826 or sip:+61383634860@ to +61294078826 or +61383634860


      *** I already have this expression;

      FirstSortedValue( DISTINCT {<[Participant Purpose]={customer},[Conversation Direction]={Inbound,Outbound}>} [Session ANI/CLI], Date )


      the Date should be looking on [Segment Start Date]+[Segment Start Time] instead. and the conversation for Outbound be "-".


      *** I have this expression for the correct format of "Session ANI/CLI". ( I just don't know how to mix it up on the expression above)

      //[Session ANI/CLI]

      mid([Session ANI/CLI], 5, 12)

      //left((mid([Session ANI/CLI], 5, 12)), len(mid([Session ANI/CLI], 5, 12))-1)

      3. Return "DNIS" for Participant "customer" Purpose OUTBOUND Direction. (if the direction is INBOUND, the DNIS should be "-").

      Attached is the sample data with anticipated result. (data and desired result tabs)

      luismadriz  shraddha.g agigliotti Please help...