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    do not consider a filter on a field in the set analysis

    Andrea Masciulli

      Goodmorning everyone

      I would need to not consider the application of a filter in a setanalisys formula.

      I'll explain.

      with the $ command the setanalisys receives all the filters, with 1 it does not consider them.

      how can I not select a field and not all.

      this is the formula I inserted
      Sum ({$ <[Question Phase] = {'Acceptance'} [Idea])

      if you select a date the formula shows the data for the selected date, while I would need that by changing the date, the formula still shows the data of all the dates.

      I also ask you how in the SetAnalysis the comparison with the fields null () is made.

      in the previous example, how to consider the idea in the application, acceptance and null phase.

      Thank you all for your cooperation


        • Re: do not consider a filter on a field in the set analysis
          Michele De Nardi

          Here the change you have to use on your set analysis if you want to obtain the expected result.

          Sum ({$ <[Question Phase] = {'Acceptance'},YourDateField=>} [Idea]).

          It's not clear what you want to achieve with the null fields()... I suggest you to avoid null values in your fields by handle null() during the script load by using something like:


               If(isnull(Field1) or trim(Field1)='', 'Null Value',Field1) as Field1,



          From XXXYYY;