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    Error in calendar

    Daniel Kuba

      Hello, can someone please give me an advice?

      In data load I have this error:


      The following error occurred:

      Autogenerate: generate count is negative

      The error occurred here:

      TempCal: Load DATE(+RowNo()-1)as TempDate AutoGenerate -+1


      I know, that reason this error is in this order, that I made for making right date:


        Date(Floor(Filebasename()))as Edate,



      I take data from autogenerated files, that have name example: ZLX02S_20171201_055500.txt


      Anyone have an idea how it repair?

      I have inside files a field, that have date, but its not right date for me and to get right results I cant use it. But when I use it like my base date, my calendar work.

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          Jonathan Dienst

          It looks like you are using variables which have not been assigned, or have a null value. This is probably because your file name contains a date and your Date() function is not taking the file name structure into account, so Edate is always null.


          I think your load should be (based on the filename you mentioned in your post)


               Date#(Substring(Filebasename(), '_', 2), 'yyyyMMdd') as Edate,


          I suggest you post the complete script that you are using to generate the calendar.

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              Daniel Kuba

              Thank you for response. But it dont work, your script is wrong. In code word "Substring" system take as field. Did you mean Substringcount? But after use Substringcount I have in red   "," and everything after "," is in red like error.


              Here is my wholle calendar:




              Min(Edate) as MinDate,

              Max(Edate) as MaxDate

              Resident [Data];


              Let vMinDate = Num(Peek('MinDate',0,'MinMax'));

              Let vMaxDate = Num(Peek('MaxDate',0,'MinMax'));





              DATE($(vMinDate)+RowNo()-1)as TempDate




              DROP TABLE MinMax;


              "Master Calendar":


                  TempDate as Edate,

                  Year(TempDate) as Year,

                  Month(TempDate) as Month,

                  Week(TempDate) as Week,

                  Day (TempDate) as Day,

                 'Q'& Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) as Quarter,

                 Date (MonthStart (TempDate),'YYYY-MM') as "Year-Month",

                 Date (WeekStart (TempDate)) as "Year-Week"



                 Resident TempCal


              Order by TempDate ASC;


              Drop Table TempCal;

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              Daniel Kuba

              It was easy to repair, when I rocognized, what is wrong. I only corrected Filebasename and changed it for Filetime. Nothing more and now it is working. :-)