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    Sorting error

    Max Beer

      Hello Qlik Community,


      I'm having some trouble figuring out this problem:

      In 2 of my visualizations I use the same dimension and sorting parameters, yet the sorting is different.


      In attachment "qlik.png" you can see that the month November is slipping in between the others as "2017-Nov".

      In attachment "qlik3.png" you can see the other visualization, where the sorting is correct.

      Granted, the sorting is set to "auto" at the moment, yet the other options didn't make a lot of sense either.


      The used dimension is described as follows:


           =Year(floor([transactions.date])) & '-' & Month(floor([transactions.date]))



      I have considered using the wildmatch function as a sorting expression, but that won't let my sort by year first.

      Can anyone help me sort this out?