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    IE Export to excel not working

    Michael Diepold

      Hi all,


      the Export to Excel function is not working any more.


      We QlikView with the following Setup:


      - Server: QV Version 12.0.20400.0



      - IE 11 + IE Plugin

      - Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface (no idea if that matters...)


      If i want to Export data to Excel, Excel opens but the result is an empty window. So the data are not transferred to a new xls sheet.


      I already turned off the UAC Settings - no success.


      If i start the IE as Administrator it works!! Does anybody know what's the reason for this behaviour?

        • Re: IE Export to excel not working
          Marcus Sommer

          Seems that some security settings are different between admin and user. At first I would look for the protected mode within the IE and then adding the access point to the trusted sites which have usually a lower security level. Otherwise it will be quite more expensive to scroll to all possible settings.


          - Marcus