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    Which Hypervisor for Qlikview 12 VM?

    Bernd Schütze



      we are moving our current bare metal instance of Qlikview 12.x to a new, bigger server. We have 1 EE license / no cluster license and have the following goals in mind:

      - enable a fairly quick move of the Qlikview Server to a new machine in case of a hardware issue reducing downtime / recovery time

      - enable spin up of small test / production systems (e.g. Sense) which rely on the same data (QVD/X) for limited times until the business case is validated and deployed separately - while not creating a huge IT overhead for moving things through the network


      So thinking about the obivous virtualization we wonder which is the best VM Host / Hypervisor.

      Could you share some experience of the performance of Qlikview in the different

      - VMWare

      - HyperV (Windows Server 2012 / 16)

      - Xen

      - Proxmox

      vs baremetal but more importantly against each other


      Thank you!