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    Mail with Bookmark as Link in IE Client greyed out

    Pauljin Kochupyloth

      I am having a bit of troble with 'Mail with Bookmark as Link'  option in IE Plugin menu. It used work flawlessly and all of a sudden the option greyed out from the menu.  I tried reinsalling the plugin clearing local plugin settings and almost all the tricks in my toolbox. I could get the option if I tried it from another machine. There is something about this plugin in my machine and it made me wonder where IE plugin store local settings. I tried deleting all the folders qlikview installed in my machine including the one under the Local Application settings in windows.


      Anybody encountered this issue before .. If so please let me know. One more thing I noticed that no matter what I do I always got the IE plugins settings back. I unselected the navigation panel in IE plugin. After all my cleaning and reinstall I got the same settings back. Anybody knows the location for these settings?