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    unable to display product picture in Image & Text Object ?

    Devarasu R

      Hi All,


      I've used below expression in qliksense - image & text object and the picture not shows. it just shows the url instead of picutre.

      only(aggr(if(rank(sum({$<Year={"$(=max(Year))"},Week={"$(=max(Week))"},SoldQty-={"0"}>}SoldQty),4)=1, 'http://<IP Address>/Article/'&ArticleNo&'.jpg'), ArticleNo))


      P.S: this code working fine in qlikview and able to see the picutre

      and my current qliksense version : Qliksense 3.0 SR1


      FYI, current o/p using text & image qliksense default chart object



      expected like below o/p