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    Compare 2 strings in set analysis

    Bruno Paulo

      Hi community,


      I have the following table:


      FieldA     |     FieldB     |     FieldC

      boss               boss               4

      boss               worker            3

      boss               boss               3

      boss               worker            4

      worker               boss               1

      worker                worker          4


      So i want a field where i do the avg of field C when Field A= Field B


      I tryed this Sum({$<FieldA= p(FieldB)>}FieldC)/count({$<FieldA=p(FieldB)>}FieldC)


      and this


      I tryed this Sum({$<FieldA= FieldB>}FieldC)/count({$<FieldA=FieldB>}FieldC)

      Neither worked.

      Any ideas?
      Thanks in advance

      Best Regards

      Bruno Paulo