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    How do I use filter in inherited state in calculation of expression of chart with different alternate state?

    Nandini Maheshwari

      I am having a date filter in inherited state and I want to use that in calculation of MAT expression of bar and line chart having different alternate state. I am not able to see any change in chart upon filter selection. Following is my expression used in chart having different alternate state . "NDate" is the filter in inherited state.

      Ndate is in month-year format

      Currently filter selection doesnt impact my charts.

      I want my charts to be populated according to the date selected in filter.


      =Sum({<NDate ={">=$(=Date(addmonths(Max(NDate), -11),'MM/YYYY')) <=$(=Date(addmonths(Max(NDate), -0),'MM/YYYY'))"} >} [Sales])