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    Creating Reports in Excel Format

    Dhivya P


      Is it possible to create Qlikview reports in Excel Format without using Nprinting




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          Michael Blackburn

          What type of reports? How much detail?

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              Dhivya P

              In qlikview Report tab,we will create a report of the sheet in PDF format.

              Instead of PDF I have to Export it to Excel without using Nprinting.

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                  Lech Miszkiewicz

                  What you are writing is not possible!!!


                  Embeded reporting tool produces reports only in PDF.


                  As a workaround you can export object to Excel using Macro. This however will be a lot more complicated process as it will be difficult to combine multiple objects into one excel report.

                  If your objective is to export maybe single table - it should be achievable.


                  more details here:

                  Qlikview to excel export macro

                  If you want to follow this path focus then on macros in QlikView.


                  On the other hand i am not big fun of using macros.


                  anyways - hope it helps.

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                      Dhivya P

                      Thank you


                      The macro below is working fine for one object but I want to export the entire sheetobjects

                      can you help me with the code



                      FUNCTION ExcelExport(objID)

                        set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( objID )

                        w = obj.GetColumnCount

                        if obj.GetRowCount>1001 then


                        else h=obj.GetRowCount

                        end if

                        Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")



                        objExcel.Visible = True

                        set CellMatrix = obj.GetCells2(0,0,w,h)

                        column = 1

                        for cc=0 to w-1

                         objExcel.Cells(1,column).Value = CellMatrix(0)(cc).Text

                         objExcel.Cells(1,column).EntireRow.Font.Bold = True

                         column = column +1


                        c = 1

                        r =2

                        for RowIter=1 to h-1

                          for ColIter=0 to w-1

                            objExcel.Cells(r,c).Value = CellMatrix(RowIter)(ColIter).Text

                            c = c +1


                         r = r+1

                         c = 1


                      END FUNCTION


                      SUB CallExample

                         ExcelExport( "CH01" )

                      END SUB