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    Rows that are not associated will not load

    Frank Rudolf

      I have some problems with a file that not will load properly, probably because I'm doing something wrong and have forgotten how it works.


      My Item table contains all transactions and the InOutHistory contains the all sources ever used.

      When I run the script will the InoutHistory table only contain rows that have an associated ImportId in the Item table and the total will be around 36.000 rows(InOutHistory).

      The file that contain the data has around 172.000 rows and but all rows will not be included in the InOutHistory table.


      I have loded the file twice just to see that the data is there and the InOutHistoryTemp below has 172.000 rows, and when I look in the log file can I see that it has fetched all 172.000 rows


      What am I missing when loading data in the InOutHistory table ? I want it to include all rows from the source file.