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    Date Analysis

    Akpofure Enughwure

      Good day everyone,


      Normally when I do my date analysis.. my date comes in this format  dd/mm/yyyy but I have a data set that has this format



      Service MonthInvoice NumberAreaInvoice ValueVAT
      01/01/2016AA101Area 1100010
      01/02/2016AB201Area 2140014
      01/03/2016AW102Area 2300030
      Excess and Excess Inv, 2016AA121Area 12002
      01/01/2017AA110Area 1230023
      Excess and Excess Inv, 2017AE123Area 2130013



      The Excess and Excess is more like financial activity that took place during the calendar year but the analyst can't pick the exact month (date). It's like an accrual concept.


      Can you help me with the date creation?




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