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    Send table to Excel

    Jim King

      Can someone tell me if there is a way to send a table to excel with hidden columns. I know you can do it with a Macro, but that requires  an IE plugin and can not be used with ajax. I would like to have something that works on Chrome or other browsers besides IE. Is it possible to use a jscript macro to achieve this?

      I've search the community, but not been successful in finding a solution.

      I'd appreciate any help or solutions


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          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          Is there any condition to show/hide column?

          If yes, then you can go to Settings>Presentation>Column Label>Conditional


          This would satisfy and show column with your condition and export only available columns.

          When you say send to XL with Hide Columns, you want to see the Hidden Column in XL but not in Qlik?

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              Jim King

              Thanks  S Khan for the reply, but i'm not sure i understand your suggestion.

              The column is conditioned to always be hidden, but shown in excel.

              What method is used to send the file and perform the show/hide of the column? A macro ?

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                  Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                  Yes a Macro can be used but I do not know which one.

                  The other workaround is not clean but it may just work for you?


                  To hide column from a table box

                  Check the reply from Sudeep Mahapatra from above link.


                  He basically suggest to have 2 tables for same chart overlaying each other.

                  The visible table would be chart with hidden column or you can eliminate the column. The below table would have all the columns.

                  You'd need to uncheck the 'Caption' option in settings for hidden table and make caption visible for hidden.

                  In this way when users click XL they sending report from back table which has all columns.

                  Also in Layout uncheck the Allow Move/size.. so that the tables won't move if the users tries to drag it


                  Of course this would be resource heavy as you'd be using 2 tables but wouldn't matter if the app size is less with less records.