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    avg Age

    Katalina Mileva

      Hi Community,


      we got the task to calculate the avg age of our customers in a table regarding ad hoc dimension and dynamic time-periods.

      now we have to calulate in these steps:

      1.We have the age of a single customer per order :


      customer1: 49+50+50 (men)

      customer2: 32+32  (men)

      customer3: 43+43+44 (women)

      We put our dimensions-selections in following ad-hoc dimension:

      vSelectedDim = GetFieldSelections(_dimensionname)



      2. Then we want to aggratage this age for the selected timeperiod and ad hoc-dimensions:


      customer1: (49+50+50)/3 =      49,67

      customer2: (32+32)/2 =          32,0

      customer3: (43+43+44)/3 =      43,33


      what works for us is:
      = 'aggr(avg([Age]),Customer, Order, '&$(vSelectedDim)&')'


      3. At last we want to get the average-age of all customers, who bought in the selected time period, separeted by gender:


      men: Ø Age = (49,67+32)/2 = 40,83 years

      women: Ø Age = (43,33)/1 = 43,33 years

      Do you have an idea, how to get the last step?


      Thanks a lot,
      Katalina and Nina

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          Sunny Talwar

          What happens when you wrap your expression around with Avg?


          Avg(Aggr(Avg(Age), Customer, Order, $(=vSelectedDim)))


          I didn't understand the usage of '&$(vSelectedDim)&')' in your expression. Since I don't know what that is doing, I am proposing to add something else... but this may not be perfect based on your field names with spaces and multiple selections etc