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    Not able to aggregate the data

    anas abbasi

      Hi All,

          I came across the following set of data and I am confused how to actually calculate(write the expression)-

      abc143 east street21254


      143 east street21257
      abc143 east street245689
      abc124 wing17895
      abc124 wing1475
      abc124 wing13587
      abc124 wing1454
      abc12 ertsd54585
      abc12 ertsd575412
      xyz134 hinjew14546
      xyz134 hinjew158794
      xyz134 hinjew1451642
      xyz85,E blue4121
      xyz85,E blue4124578


         I have a text object which should show total structures-

      If account 'abc' is selected so total structures=2+1+5=8


      How should i write the expression for this, need help.