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    How to make a multiple table

    shih li

      i want to make a chart with two kind of data

      In power BI , it is easy to make it (By make 2 chart and overlap it)

      But in qlik , i can not overlap 2 chart in one place

      How could i do it

      Thank you!!


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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi shi,


          Do a combo chart in Sense.

          With this data:


          load * Inline


          SalesPerson,Product, Sales

          Adam,1, 2000

          Adam,2, 1000

          Bob,3, 300


          Mary,1, 10000

          Mary,2, 5123

          Mary,3, 395

          Sally,1, 1300



          And creating a combo chart, gives me the following


          Dummy data, but ilustrates that you can get the same behaviour in one single chart object in Sense.


          Attached the sample QVF file I created.

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            Pedro Bergo

            Hi shih,


            Yes, you cannot put two objects at same place in Qlik Sense, but you can do it in QlikView.


            However, the Qlik Associative Model allows you to link two or more tables using any field you want, then you can put the both measures at the same graphic.


            Create a Master Calendar and connect the two tables to then. Use this example to do that.

            How to create master calendar in Qlik Sense