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    The range of data on the dashboard

    P K

      Hello everyone


      I'am fresh guy in in the QS environment. I am slowly implementing more and more reports in my organization. Recently I have one problem. I would like to, that my vizualization shows datas from last month/or actualy month at the start.

      Now it looks like this, that when the users entering to the application and they sees all data of which are in the application (for example sum sales from 2014 to 2017 not only december/november 2017).


      I know that it is possible but I can't find an answer anywhere. Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance for advice:)


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          Anil Samineni

          If you have data set without missing anything. Could be this?

          Sum({<Year = {">=$(=Min(Year)) <=$(=AddMonths(YearEnd(Max(Year)),-2))"}>} sales)

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              P K

              Hello !


              Thanks for response.

              I mean, when I am opening my application, I see all data set in dashobard. All objects on the vizualization conatains such a data set, When user need shows data from one - two months,they must choose period thought filtr panel.

              I would like, that user, when will open application see only data set for period one month. If they will need show another months, they should chosse a period from filtr panel

              I need set analysis for this task? Or what?