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    Calculated Dimension with if Condition Qliksense

    Bhargav Bhat

      Hi all,


      We are having a requirement where we have a filter with two options Yearly and  Monthly level in Qliksense.

      Based on the selection, the Dimension in the charts should change to Year or Month.

      We are using following expression for the Dimension

      if(getfieldselections(Period) ='Yearly',[Year],[Month])

      It works fine if you select Yearly or Monthly in Period filter but as soon as we filter using Dimension Year or Month

      it behaves in a strange manner.It shows Dimension only at Monthly Level even if you have selected Yearly or Monthly  in Period filter

      So it ignores the if condition and selects the else condition as shown below

      if(getfieldselections(Period) ='Yearly',[Year],[Month])

      We tried using Master items as dimension but it was giving same results




      Needed help on this