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    Task takes way longer in 17 than in 16

    Chris Attewell-Hughes

      Hi guys,


      We have a report which I need to run every hour.

      It took 15 or so mins to complete in NPrinting 16, but takes around 40 mins in 17.

      The size hasn't changed, there isn't an abundance of tables and it's relatively small.


      Does anyone know why this might be the case and/or if there's a  way of speeding it up?


      Thanks in advance,


      Chris A.

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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          I have asked Qlik the same question few times. They said that NPrinting 17 may be slower than 16 and that they are working on performance improvement.


          I understand frustration but reality is that you cannot do much more (obviously apart from all the other things i suggest to do with any aplication serving data for NPrinting).


          As NPrinting 17 is completly different tool than NP16 you cannot compare performace.




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            Andy Weir

            I know they made an improvment in 17.3 from 17.1 and 2 which were at times for me unusable.


            Im sure they are looking for more improvement in each release but I have adjusted my expectations of what I can and cannot do with my reports.  I try to keep them as simple as possible at the moment to ensure delivery and content that is usuable but without the bells and whistles.