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    Exclude an excel row

      Hello All,


           I am in a project. Source is the excel sheet.


           In that, usually the first row is the header and the 2nd row contains the description abt the first row i.e., header row.


           My pblm is that I want to load that sheet into qlikview excluding the description.


           Do anybody have solution for this..?


           Thanks in advance.

        • Exclude an excel row
          Angus Monro

          Hi Rajan,


          if you're using the "Table Files..." wizard to construct the LOAD statement for your Excel, then

          1. when you get to the stage with the "Enable Transformation Step", press that button.  It will then give you a grid view of your data on its 'Garbage' tab. 
          2. Select the row you want to ignore by clicking on its number and the press 'Delete Marked'. 
          3. From there, finish the wizard by clicking Next and/or Finish.

          You will then observe that the resulting LOAD statement includes a filter for removing that row every time.