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    use the same app for mashup and hub

    Amien Amien

      i have one app which i want to use for both a mushup and a hub (difference audience) .

      This should be no problem.


      But i have some specific mashup sheets (which contains specific mashup objects) which are not needed for the hub users.

      Is there a way (security rule?) to hide these "mashup-sheets" for hub users?


      Thanks in advanced

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          Chanty 4u

          am not sure i think this can be possible from mashup only


          create a users Administration you can add the sheets to show

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            DILIP SOLANKI



            You can achieve this through mashup I think.


            Let's look at the below code:


            var app = qlik.openApp('Centers.qvf', config);





            QV1 and QV2 are two separate objects in  your mashup. You can show/hide these objects basis on your authorization matrix using ajax call. In mashup you can use jquery ajax call by just importing jquery reference.


            To hide/show these objects, you can use below syntax of jQuery:





            I think this is one way to resolve your issue.




            Dilip Solanki